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Chapter 3: Forgotten Reminders

I was picking up my room this week, trying to get organized and if you know me at all, this is somewhat of a daily occurrence. I can be messy (I prefer the term creatively organized) but need everything to be in order for me to get any type of work done which leads to me constantly cleaning up my messes.

Anyways, I came across an index card shoved in the back of one of my drawers. It was crinkled, old, and by the looks of the messy and unrefined handwriting, something I may have jotted down either A. in a rush or B. when I was still an awkward pre teen trying to perfect my half-cursive-half-printing penmanship style (still working on that). I honestly have no idea when I wrote this little card, but today I really needed to hear what was written on it.

The card read:

My child, why do you worry so? I’ve counted the hairs on your head, surely I know the worries of your heart. Don’t be frustrated with yourself. Accept the beautiful fact that through me you are enough. You. Are. Enough. Where you fall short, grace enters in. Grace. Freedom. Love. Keep loving, and keep living in me.  

While I don’t remember writing this card, God knew that at this exact time, I needed to find a reminder. Sometimes he works in cool ways like that. I find that I truly experience his thoughtfulness and overwhelming presence in my life in situations like these. There have been multiple times where I’ve felt compelled to write something down, or felt the need to tell someone something and have no idea why I have to, I just feel God calling me to. I’m learning to say yes to that calling more, and while it’s scary and makes me nervous I just need to remember the Lord hasn’t given me a spirit of fear. While I don’t always know the “why”, I’m called to just be obedient and let God handle the rest.

Maybe this little index card message is something you needed to hear today or there is someone in your life that you think would benefit from it. If you have that feeling, follow it. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve read this journal, thank you. I don’t really know where this “journal” is going and if you’re here mainly for flower related posts… I’m sorry but I like lots of projects and I feel like this journaling thing has unintentionally become one of them. If you’ve read it, I’d really like to know. Shoot me an email, slide into my DMs or comment on this post below!



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