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Hi! I’m Angela, the owner and lead designer of Sprig & Spring, a floral studio based out of Southern California.

I believe that life should be full of celebrations, and those celebrations should most definitely include flowers! Creating  a floral arrangement or bouquet is my happy place. Quite literally, it is a space where I can take a breath, let my worries go, and be completely present with my task at hand. When I'm in this mindset, creativity blossoms (pun most definitely intended). My favorite part of being a floral designer is taking someone’s vision and adding pizzazz with a few unique elements or funky flower choices.

When I’m not in the studio hanging out with flowers, you can find me mixing up craft cocktails on our Instagram stories!! You also may find me hanging out at the beach, traveling, throwing epically themed parties for my pals, and creating party guides for our flower happy hour email list (you can subscribe over on our home page!!).

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How we started...

Angela started Sprig & Spring as a college graduate waiting to hear back from the 129832 job she had applied to. Feeling a bit discouraged and not excited about any of her corporate career opportunities... she started Sprig & Spring as a hobby while she waited to hear back from jobs. Fast forward a few years later and that hobby turned into a business! She now works full time with the help of a team of designers out of her studio space in Southern California and can't believe this is what she gets to do for a job! 

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