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A Pastel Backyard Wedding

I love backyard weddings. I feel like there's just something so special about them. Everyone seems to be more relaxed and I love that I get to meet so many people during set up that personally know the bride and groom. Brooke and Cody's wedding was no exception. Brooke let me run with pretty much whatever I wanted for the florals. She just gave me a bridesmaid dress swatch and from there- magic happened!

We went with a more pastel color palette- adding in pops of brighter mauve to compliment the dresses!

Brooke's dress was absolutely gorgeous and I love how the post sunset lighting really shows more of the textural details of her bouquet.

Brooke and Cody hid a large portion of the side yard with this lattice photo booth. It's not often that I get to flower one of those so it was fun to see it in everyone's pictures!

For reception we did a mix of centerpieces and bud vases- which is always my favorite combo when it comes to mixing table centerpieces!

Such a beautiful day for two wonderful friends. Can't wait to work with these colors again this spring!

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