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Brunch Bash

I don’t know about you, but this whole quarantine thing has me in pajamas 24/7. The clothes I am going to wear after this is over you guys, unbelievable. My pinterest board is chalked full of flowy dresses, graphic tees, and basically anything other than sweatpants. The day will arrive when I don't have that "just woken up" look at five p.m and it will be GLORIOUS. GET READY.

Until then, I figure let’s embrace the whole pajama thing and BRUNCH IT UP. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite brunch recipes! Even if it’s just for yourself, it’s fun making the everyday things feel special and when else will you have time to do so?

When it comes to brunch, I’m a firm believer in the phrase- “the less work the better”. This Bird’s Nest Casserole from Gimme Delicious is super easy to make. I added cherry tomatoes and avocado on top for a little extra pizazz!

What pairs perfectly with a breakfast casserole might you ask? A breakfast salad! Is that actually a thing? I’m not sure, but let’s make it one. Brunch is all about breaking the rules and you should break those rules by making this fabulous salad from Pretty Hungry. They have this super amazing dressing recipe you should try out if you have the time. If you don’t substitute with the Trader Joe’s Poppy Seed one!

So… we have food covered but what’s a brunch without some adult beverages?! A Pomegranate Mimosa and a spicy Paloma are my two go to brunch cocktails. Then again, I’m definitely not one to turn down a glass of champagne. Pomegranate Mimosa 2 oz pomegranate juice Top with Prosecco Spicy Paloma 2 oz blanco tequila 1 1/2 oz lime juice 1 tbsp. simple syrup 3 slices jalapeño 2 oz grapefruit soda Shake it up! Serve with ice in a tajin rimmed glass

We’re missing one final ingredient to this ultra fabulous brunch bash… dessert!! I feel like the obvious choice is donuts because who doesn’t love donuts AND you can decorate them with either edible flowers or sprinkles in a color of your choosing! Option 2… cinnamon streusel cake! This is my go to cake mix that has that “I worked all day making this damn cake and it sure tastes like I did because it’s that delicious.”

Happy brunching my friends!! Scouring the internet for recipes, creating pinterest boards, deciding on a theme.. ugh sometimes it can be so overwhelming!! Hopefully this gives you a wonderful plan for a delicious brunch you can make for yourself during this quarantine or save for a celebration with friends when this is all over!!

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