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Drink Pink

Whether you're lovey-dovey-head-over-heals-in-love or want to crawl into a hole when thinking about your love life... there is one thing we all love and that is pink drinks! Honestly some of my best drinks came out of this month so whether you're planning on making this for your gals or your S.O. or just for yourself, you'll love em!

Pink Gin Fizz

What you need:

2 oz Beefeater pink gin

1 1/2 oz lemon juice

1/2 oz grenadine

Shake it up!

Serve straight.

Cherry Spritz

What you need:

1 1/2 oz aperol

1/2 oz cherry simple syrup

Stir it up!

Pour into a glass with fresh ice

Top with Prosecco

Finish off with Dry Soda Cherry Botanical Bubbly

Blood Orange Coconut Margarita

What you need:

1/2 oz lemon juice

2 oz blood orange juice

2 1/2 oz tequila blanco

1 oz Grand Marier

1 oz creme of coconut

Stir it up!

Serve over fresh ice.

Hibiscus Martini

What you need:

1/2 oz dry vermouth

2 1/2 oz hibiscus infused vodka

A few drops of rose water

Shake with ice

Serve up straight


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