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Glassware that Steals the Show and Doesn't Break the Bank

There are very few things that elevate a dining or cocktail experience quite like a fancy dish or cup. Trust me, as the kid who liked to drink her orange juice out of champagne glasses and requested to have her lemonade blended I know a thing or two about elevating every day dining. As I get older, my obsession with glassware becomes more acceptable and my collection keeps growing. People ask me rather frequently where I find my cool glasses and the answer is- a lot of thrifting, clearance sections, and luck. I’ve collected some of my current favorites below!

When it comes to fancy coupes and champagne flutes- my go to is Anthropology. They have so many different designs, colors, and styles. You could could serve Cook’s sparkling wine out of these bad boys and no one would notice- they’re just that fabulous (okay maybe people would notice but my bet is they’ll be so enthralled with how cute the glass is they won’t really care). If you’re not ready to ball out and spend $64 on a set- I get it. I wouldn’t either! These always seem to go on sale which is how I’ve grown my collection. Patience is the name of the game and the clearance section at your local anthropology just might surprise you.

While they maybe don’t always have the largest selection, they always have a reasonable price point. Cost Plus is always on my list. I don’t currently own these glasses but they are sitting in my cart screaming “buy me!”. There’s also a matching decanter… need I say more?

Ikea is also a tried and true staple. Is the quality amazing? No. Will you care as much when Trish drops the glass after her fourth tequila spritz? Also no. If you’re into matching and have a lot of friends you have to invite to dinner parties- hit up Ikea. They have a decent variety and if you can handle getting lost through the maze of aisles, it’s worth the trip.

My last suggestion is pretty annoying because there is no tangible link I can give you to buy but go to the goodwill. I know you’ve seen countless videos or articles where people show you their amazing thrift finds but let me just say finding glassware at the goodwill is similar to app dating. Most of the time you find nothing and it’s a waste of a trip but every once in a while you find something that’s half way decent and we count that as a win!

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