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Neutral Party

A few years ago, my college girlfriends implemented a "color themed" dinner to our yearly trip. We love a good theme and this was the easiest way for us to be what one would consider "extra" without a ton of work. There's typically minimum planning for the actual dinner- we just walk around the grocery store and pick out food or drinks that correlate to the colors. This past year we were in Tahoe during the winter so.... neutrals were any easy pick!

We started with Bailey's hot chocolate around the fire pit

Which led to a dinner of- "neutral charcuterie board"( crackers, nuts) with a baked brie, rotisserie chicken, white mac and cheese, instant mashed potatoes and champagne. We finished off the dinner with a white frosted carrot cake and an after dinner drink of equal parts- baileys, vanilla vodka, heavy cream!

I love these girls and I love our tradition. What color should we do next?

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