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Oktoberfest Dinner Party

Oktoberfest! A time for beer, friends, and food….all taking place in one of my favorite places, Munich Germany! Rather than flying my friends across the world, I created my own backyard Biergarten!

Typical Biergartens have blue checkered table coverings, but orange is my current FAVORITE color so I decided to switch it up a bit! Plus I found the most PERFECT plates on super sale at goodwill.

I really wanted beer hops to hang above the table, unfortunately I was a few weeks late. Wedding season leaves me very few free weekends so fall foliage had to suffice! Honestly, I like the look of this much more. It’s so full and filled with texture! It’s been up now for three or four days and still looks absolutely fabulous.

While I obsess over decor, I truly believe a party is only as good as the food being served! We had brats, sauerkraut, onions & peppers, pretzels, potato salad, and all the mustard you could ever want! The frozen pretzels from Trader Joe’s are TO DIE FOR. No joke, don’t make your own…. just buy these. We also had beer… lots of beer. Trader Joe’s sells a mini beer keg, and while in theory this sounds like a great idea…. it’s a little hard to pour into the stein without creating an enormous, foamy, head. Chalking this conundrum up to user error (lol).

In true Sprig & Spring fashion we had to add flowers to the keg, which was just the cutest thing ever!

While I’m really great at setting the scene for all things party, I’m NOT good at capturing photos. I get all caught up in everything and REALLY need to be better about taking stellar photos. This party also got me ready to go back to Germany and since that isn’t in the cards any time this year… I’ll have to hold myself over with leftover beer and frozen pretzels.


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