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S&S Studio Tour

My garage work space got a much needed update with the help of my good friend Hannah! I’ve been working out of my garage with S&S for the past year and have accumulated quite a bit of stuff! We had a very ambitious two day timeline for this project, so basically we were living an episode of Trading Spaces. There were a few goals for this space: keep it light, funky, and practical. Like any good HGTV show, we have to start with a “before” photo before we get to “move that bus”. So… here’s the garage in all it’s dark, dingy, and cluttered glory.

First order of business was brightening the space. We chose to start with white walls and because we didn’t have much room, decided the best way to bring design into the space would be adding pops of color and geometric shapes on the walls.

I’ve been working out of my garage with S&S for the past year and have accumulated quite a bit of stuff! Because the studio still shares a space with bikes, Christmas decorations, and a variety of other items one would store in the garage… we needed a way to separate the space. Adding the white curtains created a nice barrier while also helping make everything feel so much brighter!

If you’ve followed Sprig & Spring on Instagram for any amount of time, you know Cocktail Thursday is a big deal! I have a crazy collection of glassware and wanted somewhere to display it. We made the shelves out of ply wood bought at Home Depot and brackets from Ikea. We stained them to match the mirror which proved to be rather challenging… so many layers of stains to achieve this look! Totally worth it though, because this is officially my favorite corner of the studio!

Revamping this space was the creative project I needed to pump me up for the second part of my summer season! Working with someone else who shares a love for making things pretty was also a blast. Collaboration really does produce the most beautiful work. Without Hannah’s eye for design this space would not be near as pleasant of a place to work in. So ready to get flowering in my new favorite place!

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