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The Best Color Palette for July Weddings

Having your "something blue" be flowers isn't as easy as one might think, but get married in July? You're given a wide variety of options. For the past few years my July has been filled with "mauve, and pops of blue" as a color palette and there isn't any other time of year where the combination is this FABULOUS.

There's your classic thistle, and blue delphinium but you get to add in fun additions like blue clematis or cornflower.

For the more purple and mauve tones- protea, white dahlias with purple tips, antique lavender roses, and of course the quicksand rose.

I'm typically all about the bright colors but with these colors you can see so much more of the textures in each flower. It's a lot more ethereal and romantic. Perfect for a mid summer night. If you're looking for any other "mauve and blue" wedding inspiration, I've put together this Pinterest board with bouquet inspo, arch ideas, and some different flowers in these color palettes that I'm really into. Wedding planning can be daunting, but I hope this helps you spend less time searching Pinterest for images you like and more time doing fun things like hanging out with your fiancé are hitting up a happy hour!

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