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The Spell Society Shootout

I’ve been spending some time recovering and reflecting on all of the photo shoot craziness from month! If you didn’t already know, I had the opportunity to create all of the floral elements for The Spell Society- a styled shootout. You may be wondering… “What’s a styled shootout?”. A styled shootout is usually a multi-day event with a variety of different photo shoots for photographers to take pictures of. Basically, photographers can pay money to take photos of fake weddings to put in their portfolios. Usually these take places in popular “destinations” and photographers come from all over the country to shoot somewhere they want to book future clients. I feel like California has more picturesque and bucket list locations than any other state.

This week we were in Palm Springs/ Joshua Tree which for so many photographers- is the elopement mecca of the U.S. It sounds absolutely crazy, I know but it’s a real thing and people pay me real money to do it which is even crazier! 

My role during these shootouts is to create epic floral installs with the sole purpose for photographs. This week included a sunrise shoot which for me, meant a 4:30am wake up call to start working on this beauty. 

It was freezing, the sprinklers went off on me while I was placing ranunculus, and in the moment I was hating it but then the light came up and BOOM I fell in love. 

Everyone photographed the heck out of it with our two gorgeous models and I stood back watching everyone at work. It’s so fun for me to see the different ways people photograph and the different details they pick up on.

Then an hour and a half later… I tore this install down and drove out to Joshua Tree where the magic continued! 

I’ve been a part of a lot of different projects in Joshua Tree recently and it doesn’t matter what I create, it’s always second to the already gorgeous scenery. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect moment. 

We finished out the day just after sunset. The sun fell behind the mountains as I picked up the last of my flower remnants on the dirt path. I was so tired, so dirty, so ready for a burrito, and ecstatic with how everything had turned out. 

Working with Spell Society was amazing and I’m so grateful for the trust and creative freedom they gave me to create with flowers. I also was able to hangout and spend some time in Palm Springs with fellow wedding vendors and this year that especially feels important as we’ve all gone through countless reschedules and changes. As someone who is a solopreneur, I miss having coworkers and for a week it felt like I had some which was so refreshing! 

Thanks to everyone involved for making this shootout so gorgeous! If you're looking for vendors-


Sarowly Photography


Joshua Tree National Park





Alisa and Michael Peters

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