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Vibrant Terranea Wedding

While the coastal clouds were out in full force, nothing could be brighter about these florals! Part of the fun of being a wedding florist is getting to know all of the fabulous couples but it's even more meaningful when you get to flower for friends! The bride and I have known each other since middle school, but didn't become friends until we were randomly placed as roommates freshmen year of college. Who would have thought someday I'd be flowering her wedding?

Michelle wanted bright and bold florals with lots of pinks and oranges. The florals complimented the natural coastline beautifully and because the day was overcast, provided some brightness to the day! All the details were captured beautifully by Erica Streelman Photography .

When it came to deciding what blooms to choose for Michelle, I knew I wanted to pick a variety of product to give us lots of textures to play with. Bright blooms make such a statement, but if they are not mixed with more intricate textures, the colors end up meshing together. Adding in scabiosa, thistle, light and fully ranunculus, and mixing in bigger blooms like the quicksand roses and carnations helped achieve that look!

If you're planning a wedding and on the fence about bright florals because you're afraid they might be "too much". They're not. Go for it! I feel like they add so much to your photos and to a venue- we all know they keep these spaces looking neutral for a reason!

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