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A Color Filled Houdini Estate Wedding

I don’t know why I’ve never just blogged about one wedding- I usually get photos back from photographers or brides and post them on social media but I feel like it would be so helpful for couples to see a more detailed account of a Sprig wedding and get a feel for all of the pieces. So… starting today with one of my favorites from the summer! Ian and Jessica were one of my rescheduled couples- reschedules suck and that’s a post for another day- but the one great thing about them is that sometimes we get to change up the floral concept a bit.

Jessica’s venue was the Houdini estate in L.A. and thought a more funky approach would fit the venue better. She was not wrong. This wedding was full of funk. From the numerous statues around the property, to the colorful glassware on the tables. If Harry Houdini was around- I think he would approve. I was so inspired by this color pallette and I feel like it shows in the images.

Carrie Rogers captured everything so beautifully. Every time I work a wedding with her I never worry about taking any photos because she’s so good with the details!

Jessica let me go crazy with her bouquet and while the wild look isn’t necessarily for everyone, it fit the venue and the vibe of the entire day so well. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and upon seeing me unload everything from the car- she cried (and so did her mom) when she saw her bouquet. That always makes me feel pretty great, I won’t lie lol.

The mix of the bright hues with the different bridesmaid dresses created such an aesthetically pleasing mismatched look (does that even make sense?). More people should add in patterened bridesmaid dresses- they’re so fun!

For ceremony, the venue already had so much going on- the grounds are BEAUTIFUL. So much great landscaping. The olive trees, fountains, and even the Harry Houdini statue really make the space. We decided doing a few small pieces at the front and end of the aisle would be the perfect addition to the ceremony space. The best part- they were reused at the base of the sweetheart table. I LOVE to reuse pieces from the ceremony to the reception and always recommend aisle pieces that double as sweetheart table pieces.

For reception we had a mix of table styles- circular and farmhouse. We did a variety of different sized arrangements. For the rounds- these fabulous floral heavy centerpieces. Again… mixed with that glassware?! I’m still not over it. For the farmhouse tables we did a variety of smaller arrangements in different types of vessels. The mix matched look really worked for this color pallette and this venue.

A big thanks to Jessica and Ian for being so great to work with! They really let me just do my thing and be funky with the flower choices and the colors. Can’t wait to do more at this venue and in these colors over the next year!

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