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2023 Wedding Recap

Shaking up and pouring out an icey cold lemon drop to sip on as I recap Sprig & Spring 2023!! A year full of color, texture, lots of weddings and of course, FLOWERS. 2023 was filled with a lot of weddings I REALLY loved. It’s the first year where the design aspect of flowering has felt natural and has come so much easier than in years past. Looking through all of the photos from this year, I can confidently say not a single wedding looked the same which I think is due in part to the magic of S&S. I’ve never been one to latch on to a single style or trend. Some days I love vibrant color, other days I’m drawn to neutrals.  What always stays the same is my passion and love for working with couples to create floral designs unique to them and their special day. I wish I could share a highlight from every single wedding, but we all know that would be way too long of a blog post to read, and I’m not feeling like I can handle a second martini so without further a do…. My Sprig & Spring highlights from 2023.

Flower meadows…. Fingers crossed this trend continues into 2024, but my 2023 was filled with quite a few floral meadow moments. I love this for a ceremony install because it’s one of the easiest items to transfer to a reception and if you’re anything like me, you love a bogo. Flower meadows look so natural and effortless especially if your ceremony is outdoors. I work at so many naturally beautiful venues, adding in a pop of color with florals really ties it all together. Plus they look great around your sweetheart table or dessert table.

Flowering for my friends' weddings- this year I had the privilege of being both the florist and bridesmaid in two different weddings. Designing for friends is fun, because they let you do your thing and create whatever you want. Being able to do both jobs (bridesmaid and floral designer) wouldn’t be possible without the fabulous Sprig & Spring team. Truly don’t know what I would do without the girls who have been working with me for the last three years. Creating a business where a set up can run smoothly without me has always been the goal and I’m so grateful to have people working for me that I can trust!

Fireplace floral installs- I flowered quite a few mantles this season and they all turned out to be some of my favorite pieces! I love these if you’re looking for a simple ceremony install or for a way to dress up your cocktail hour or reception space. I especially love these if the set up time is short because we can make them ahead of time! Easily transferable as well!

Unexpected color palettes- two bouquets come to mind when I think of this. A summer wedding with deep reds and oranges, and a neutral nature inspired winery wedding with pops of color. These are two color palettes I had never worked with before and both turned out to be highlights of 2023. Both of these couples gave me descriptive words and explanations rather than photos and I love that they trusted me enough to create something unique for their big days!

Garden party inspired weddings-  So many of my couples this year were looking for a garden party aesthetic.  Bouquets and arrangements that look like they were effortlessly picked from a field full of wildflowers when in reality I perused aisles of flowers at the market to create the perfect combinations. I used a lot of chamomile in place of typical “greenery” to achieve this look and it continues to be one of my favorite filler flowers. I think if I had gotten married this year, this is definitely a style I would have been drawn to!

If we had the pleasure of working together this year, THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting Sprig & Spring with your florals. The highlight of every wedding day for me is getting to meet you IRL and drop off the bouquets we’ve been talking about for months. You’ve helped me continue to live out my dream of creating beautiful things for a living and I am so so grateful! To everyone who continues to follow Sprig & Spring on social media… Thank you!! Every like, comment, kind message helps in booking new couples and I am thankful you continue to take the time to cheer S&S on!! Cheers to another wedding season, to all of the good, the challenging, and to finally getting all of the dead leaves, and leftover candle wax out of my car!


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