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An Eclectic Desert Elopement Styled Shoot

It had been a hot second since I made my way out to Joshua Tree for anything flower related but when I saw the mood board for this shoot... I couldn't resist! Typically in the desert people ask for light and neutral flowers. I'd argue this shoot is reason enough to bring color into your desert elopement bouquet!

There are so many different types and colors in this bouquet, I truly couldn't give you a recipe as to what it all included. This is my favorite way to design. Base everything on color and what looks fresh, fill in with unique textures and don't be too stringent on only using certain types of blooms.

This shoot was a two day adventure which included another funky dress and the most insane bridal crown.

We went more neutral with this bouquet but I was able to add some textural elements I typically wouldn't in a bridal bouquet.

This dress was so adorable, I feel like if I wore something like this every day I'd have enough confidence to rule the world.

My styled shoot days are few and far between these days, but I will say they still bring me so much joy creatively. I wish flowers weren't as expensive, otherwise I'd be doing one every week! So many fabulous vendors went into these shoots, I feel so lucky to work with such creative people!

Vendor list:

shoot #1

Photos and shoot planning: Riley Jean Photography (she's the best)

Models: @gizelly13 @ethanjdirksen

HMUA: @hmnbyveronica

Earrings: @earthspiritsoul

shoot #2

Photos and shoot planning: Riley Jean Photography

Models:@tminspired @nathanochoa

Custom Vow books: Copper Cloud Creative

Name Cards: Enora creative co

Earrings: Luna Atlas Shop

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