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Fall Floral Moments

I’m not a fall person. I’ve never loved pumpkin flavored things and growing up with a mom as a teacher meant that those first few weeks of “fall” were always dreaded because we were having too much fun living it up in the Summer. The only part of fall I really like- the flowers. I can walk into the cooler at my wholesaler and be transported into a really really cold enchanted fall garden. The varieties are like no other time of year. The textures- unmatched. Fall colors can be muted or juicy and bright and I’m here for all of it. It makes me feel like I’m walking into a real life Gilmore Girls episode every week I walk inside. If you’re planning a fall wedding, the options truly feel like they are limitless when it comes to florals. Sharing some of my favorite fall floral Sprig moments from the past few years and ready to add more to this list once my I get my galleries from this past September and October!

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