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I Don't Know About You but I'm Feeling 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I always start the New Year with big grandiose plans. It begins with something simple like “I’m going to wake up earlier” and then by the end of my goal writing it has snowballed into a 20 point list that somehow includes me gua sha stoning my face every morning and learning two new languages…. I don’t know who I think I am but December 31st Angela truly thinks she can do it all.

January 5th Angela on the other hand…. She’s a tired girl. She hasn’t done any type of work for the last two weeks, been eating everything in sight and staying up till 3 am binge watching Downton Abbey (why are we so fascinated with mundane British dramas?) and then plans to cut all the fun stuff out cold turkey and jump into a routine fit for Gary Vee (do we really he’s that productive every day?). This year though, I’ve finally gotten smart. The list is short. Manageable. Which I think will help lead to success in other areas.

After the wild ride that was 2021 wedding season, I finally feel like I’ve recovered. Hoping into the fifth season of wedding floristry has me feeling like I know more what I’m doing. The proposals, the pricing, the consult calls are all coming easier than they did even a few months ago. It’s amazing to feel for the first time that I know what I’m doing. Designing with flowers is one thing- that takes practice but the business part is harder. Going into this year with three words- Consistency, Connection, Courage. All three have different meanings for different parts of my life but they all come together beautifully and I can’t wait to see how this year treats me!

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