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November Cocktail Roundup

Is it just me or did this month feel like an eternity? There was so much that happened this month...I may have missed a week of Cocktail Thursday but these three recipes sure hit the spot!

The Election Pain Killer

What you need:

1 oz dark rum

2 oz light rum

2 oz pineapple juice

Stir it up!

Top with sparkling coconut yuzu water from Trader Joe’s

The Blood Orange Spritz

Muddled mint

4 oz prosecco

2 oz aperol

4 oz blood orange juice

Combine aperol, muddled mint and blood orange juice.

Shake it up!

Add to glass with ice.

Top off with Prosecco

And in an extremely lame turn of events, I didn't capture a photo of my Caramel White Russian, so here's an inspo picture from Kate La Vie

The Caramel White Russian

2 oz vodka

1 oz kahlua

2 oz half and half

1 oz caramel syrup

Mix it up!

Serve over ice.


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