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Chapter 5: International Women's Day

A few days ago, I posted a question on my story (instagram that is) asking, “what flower would you describe as strong?” And I was overwhelmed by all of the AMAZING and thoughtful answers you buds provided. It got me thinking about how flowers have the ability to provide so much significance. It was with this inspiration that I jumped into creating some meaningful blooms for the Google LA International Women’s Day event. I work with some pretty incredible, awesome, kick ass, ladies. These arrangements today were made with them in mind and all of the qualities and characteristics that I feel like we as women, uphold in the workplace. I wrote them a small note with all the meanings, but read my extended version below!

Ladies! Happy International Women’s Day! This arrangement is a small token of my appreciation and admiration for ALL of you. Did you know that every flower has a special meaning? In fact, flowers have their own language! Every flower that was chosen today represents a quality or characteristic that make up our team.

Proteas- courage and diversity. We persevere when situations get difficult. We are a uniquely different group with so many different backgrounds, skills, and qualities!

Ranunculus- radiance. Full of energy (most of the time;), love, and light!

White Chrysanthemums- loyalty and honesty. These two just speak for themselves. We look out for each other.

Alstroemeria- friendship. Our conversations and interactions go deeper than “what’s the weather?”

Colors also convey special meanings…

Orange- represents creativity! Overall, we are a creative, problem-solving group, who gets things done!

Purple- represents power and also royalty… obviously we are QUEENS. This might only be celebrated once a year, but we know it to be true 24/7 365.

Overall, a successful International Women’s Day, with one main takeaway: It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is, everyone wants to feel valued. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Going out of your way to make someone feel special will always be worth it. Don’t reserve that praise solely for specific days of the year. Love on your people, make them feel cherished.



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