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Chapter 1: An Introduction

What’s up Buds!

While my bio gives a pretty picture of who I (Angela) am, I think life should be filled with whimsy and sometimes unnecessary (but fun) facts and details. So it’s time to play a game I

I’d like to call Rapid Fire Questioning! Drum roll please…

Favorite animal?

A piglet! Preferably a cute, pink, and clean one.

Favorite Color?

Fuchsia. Why? Because it’s bright, bold, and FABULOUS.

Favorite place to be?

The beach, but specifically Moloka'i, Hawaii. I spent a summer living and working at a Church on Moloka'i and it is 100 percent my favorite place on earth.

Favorite place to shop?

Nordstrom. Forever and always.

Favorite television show of all time?

Gilmore Girls!! I’ve seen every episode at least seven times and am still not over the Netflix revival episodes. If you’d like to chat about it, send me a message.

Last song you listened to in the car?

Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much. My music taste is a potpourri of sorts. I pretty much listen to everything.

Last Concert attended?

I love concerts! Last one I attended was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. So good.

Drink of choice?

Can’t pick just one. I like a good craft cocktail, or glass of wine. I recently started brewing my own beer so any type of weird or obscure craft beer. I’m a big tea person; some could argue I’m Tejava’s biggest fan. If you don’t know what Tejava is, drop everything and go to your local grocery store (shameless plug). You will not be disappointed. I also drink La Croix like it’s going out of style, Pamplemousse is my fav flavor.

Last time you laughed?

About 20 minutes ago when one of my best friends sent a meme to our group chat. I have the BEST friends in the world! I could write pages and pages about them but I’ll save that for another journal.

Name one item off your bucket list…

Visit every Disneyland in the world. So far I can check off Disney Paris and Disneyland (I’ve got a long way to go).

Current reality television guilty pleasure?

This one’s kind of embarrassing, but Below Deck is currently my favorite. I’d really like yachting to be one of my future hobbies… A girl can dream, right?

Tea or Coffee?

Tea! While I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, it makes me way too jittery. It’s better for everyone if I just avoid it.

Favorite Flower?

California Poppy! My mom’s a California social studies teacher, so it reminds me of her and family trips to pretty much every historic landmark in the state.

If you've read this far, I applaud you! Thanks for playing!



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